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In The Sign Of The Gemini (1975) [softcore]

Ultra racy comedy from the Danish concerning a record-studio owner’s effort to get a voluptuous cabaret singer to sign a contract before the competition gets to her. With the assistance of two bumbling, stumbling sidekicks, they kidnap the competitor to keep him from the singer. The Danes keep the premise short and sweet, and sometimes stupid, leaving much of the film’s time clock to concern itself with the libidinous lechery we came to see.

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In the Sign of Sagittarius (1978) [softcore]


Agent 69 Jensen (Charley Chase look-alike Ole Soltoft) travels (via stock footage) from Tangiers to Moscow to Beijing, Albania and, of course, Copenhagen in this uneasy mix of hardcore pornography and folksy Danish comedy.

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In The Sign Of The Scorpio (1977) [softcore]

Agent 69 Jensen Master (Ole Soltoft - winner at Sweden Fantastic Film Festival) plays a secret agent on the trail of a CIA microfilm hidden a loaf of bread, in one of five women’s over night bags. In fact many secret agents are after the same bag not knowing that there are 5 different bags. Danish Intelligence Agency wants to get the microfilm to the CIA but Scorpio wants if for himself. This outrageously enticing film is filled with cat fights, lesbian scenes, sensual acts that could be featured in an erotic circus, a very kinky pool game, seductively choreographed dancing, something for those with a foot fetish and much, much more. The comedy skits are fresh, unpredictable and fabulously entertaining. One in a series of famous Danish Tegn films, movies known for their delightful blend of physical comedy and busty women who aren’t afraid to shed their clothes at the drop of the hat.

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In the Sign of the Virgin (1973) [softcore]


In this classic from the Danish erotica collection, a town is overrun by horniness when a sex-minded professor accidentally exchanges a briefcase containing his own powder—an intense aphrodisiac—with a briefcase containing a hormone-curbing powder designed by the heads of an all-girl private school to counteract the effects of planet Venus’s alignment with Earth. After the love drug is unwittingly administered to the female students, the rest is dumped into the town reservoir, sending everyone on a trip to the local brothel.

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Nathalie Escape from Hell (1978) [softcore]

A beautiful American doctor imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp uses her skill to save the life of an SS officer, who falls in love with her. However, a sadistic female SS officer considers him her personal property, and has no compunction about using her riding crop to whip, beat and torture to make sure it stays that way.